Ever sat with your natural hair in a hot mess and didn’t know what to do with it? You probably enjoyed your twist outs, comb coils, straw sets or finger coils too much. Or you got carried away in the holiday mood and dipped yourself in water, and you are balancing tears looking at your super-tangled hair! Maybe your tired braids need to be taken down but you are dreading the thought of knots and tangles.

It may actually be your child. You are stressed by the mere thought that wash-day is going to be tearful again. If anyone handed you scissors, and you didn’t care about the kind of mother you’ll be judged as, you’d actually bring down that hair in one sweep and call it a day. But you have a potato in your throat…you are still dealing with self-doubt about the kind of mother you are to your kids and if you are doing well by them and by the society.

Well…it’s a good time to exhale and thank heavens Sheth Naturals is always thinking about making African hair management easier and fun. The Sheba Instant Conditioner is made with these situations in mind.

If your hair is tangled or in braids, all you need to do is mix water and the Sheba Instant Conditioner in a spray bottle, and undo the tangles section by section, first with your fingers, then with a wide-toothed comb. This goes for detangling your child’s hair too. Spray the water/Instant Conditioner mixture and finger-detangle, then use a wide-toothed comb starting with the ends as you go towards the roots.

For swimmers, it’s important to wash off the chlorinated water after swimming, but also protect the hair from the chlorine prior to a dip in the water. There are always shower heads near swimming pools with fresh water to allow you drench your hair with fresh water. That ensures your hair is saturated with fresh water and will not absorb chlorinated water once in the pool. Once done, apply a light coat of Mizizi Baobab Oil. This ensures the chlorinated water slides over the hair strands without interacting directly with the hair. Once out of the pool, wash the hair with the Sheba instant Conditioner and apply a light coat of the Mizizi Baobab oil, yet again. This keeps the hair protected and moisturized.

If you are a gym enthusiast or love a good run or cycling often, wash your hair with the Sheba Shampoo bar only once a week. Any other washes in-between are best done with the Sheba Instant Conditioner. This leaves your hair wool-soft and moisturized. Apply the Mizizi Baobab Oil thereafter.

We hope that the rest of your hair journey will be more fun and exciting and will give you an opportunity to enjoy your hair a lot better.

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