• Sheba Moisturizing Shampoo bar: Hand-crafted sulfate free shampoo bar made from nature’s best ingredients. Stands tall among shampoos with the rare combination of aryuvedic Aritha (soap nuts) and Bentonite Clay.
  • Sheba Instant Conditioner – Detangles natural hair, cutting detangling time by half. A mother’s best-friend as kids are not patient enough to wait too long. Is a perfect co-wash between your main washes.
  • Sheba Moisturizing Anti-breakage Deep Conditioning Treatment – A balanced deep conditioner with 80% moisture and 20% protein content. Protects and repairs damaged hair from breakage while replacing the much needed moisture.
  • Sheba Wash & Go Gel: A medium hold, light weight non-sticky styling gel best for wash and go styling, perm rods, straw sets, finger coils, comb coils, twists and twist outs.
  • Sheba Curl Crème: Rich in natural oils, it locks in moisture into your strands for the perfect afro, spring twists, flexi-rods, braid outs.


Our oils and butters are raw, unrefined and cold-pressed, preserving all their benefits to nourish your hair and skin deeply.

Raw unrefined butters/Sealants;

  • Shea butter: Beginner pack for every natural for both hair and skin care. A good moisturizer, it soothes eczema on eczema prone skin, prevents stretchmarks in expectant mums and fades them post-delivery. Is great for psoriasis.
  • Cocoa butter: Moisturizer with anti-aging benefits, raw cocoa butter is best used mixed with liquid oils. It prevents and fades stretchmarks. Great for eczema on skin that doesn’t like shea butter and protects you against extreme weather conditions such as frost bite.
  • Mango butter: The gold standard of moisture, anti-aging and heavenly smells. If age is beginning to knock in and your skin getting dry, this is your choice for face and body care.

Heavy oils/Sealants:

  • Black castor oil: For long, voluminous hair and repair of broken/receded hairlines. Corrects thinning of hair and premature balding. Perfect for dry damaged hair as an anti-breakage oil.

Penetrating oils;

  • Carrot oil: Natural sunscreen with great anti-aging properties. Gives you a glowing skin. Great for dry, normal and combination skin types.
  • Rosehip oil: The Natural Botox, rosehip keeps your skin young, plump and full.
  • Vitamin E oil: Evens your skin tone, helps regenerate the skin, hence fades scars. Protect the skin against age and the sun. Mix in your hair and skin products during the day or use alone at night. Best for dry, normal and combination skin.
  • Moringa oil: Great for eczema to mix with shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter. Protects against age and a great moisturizer for normal and combination skin types. Fades black marks left by acne.
  • Baobab oil: Protects the skin and hair against the sun. Confers elasticity to hair and skin keeping you young. Gives a natural glow and is best for normal to combination skin types.
  • Neem oil: Anti-dandruff and anti-itch. Fantastic as an insecticide working against head lice as well as insects in the farm where it is used for organic farming.
  • Palm kernel oil: Hair growth, volume and restoration of broken hairlines. Is a great moisturizer especially in babies suffering from eczema.
  • Avocado oil: Repairs chemically or heat damaged hair. Is a humectant, keeping dry hair well nourished. Great for dry chapped skin. Can be used in combination with cocoa butter to restore dull dry skin.
  • Virgin Coconut oil: Beginner oil for any natural for both hair and skin care. Great on baby skin and helps with diaper/nappy rash. Cooks amazing eggs, rice dishes, tripes (matumbo) and is great for transitioning babies into food as the cooking oil of choice.
  • Argan oil: Has the same composition as the skin’s sebum, so works well with all skin types. Helps control acne on oily skin and has great anti-aging properties. Works well on eczema-prone skin and can be used together with cocoa butter in babies whose skins don’t like shea butter.
  • Jojoba oil: Mimics sebum in composition so works well on all skin types. Great for controlling acne in oily skin types. Does an amazing job on baby skin as a moisturizer.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil: A great moisturizer and perfect for combination with cocoa butter for dry dull skin. Also good for eczema, so can be mixed with shea, cocoa or mango butter
  • Sesame oil: Works well with oily skin types suffering from stubborn acne. Is perfect for mature skin and helps constrict open pores. It helps fade scars and is good for preventing premature greying. Causes relaxation when used as a massage oil.
  • Sweet Almond oil: A light oil that works magic on oily skin as well as baby skin. Helps heal sun burns and is super for clearing under eye circles, wrinkles and craw feet around the eyes.
  • Black seed oil: Is amazing for regrowth of hair in balding spots. Prevents premature greying on hair and clients swear by it for boosting immunity when taken a teaspoon a day.
  • Marula oil: A luxurious oil with great anti-aging benefits on oily skin types. Protects against the sun and confers elasticity to both skin and hair.
  • Grape seed oil: The perfect starter oil for people with oily sensitive skin types and acne. Is great on dreadlocks, temporary locks and sister locks as it does not unravel immature dreads, and doesn’t leave build-up.

Extracts and Hydrosols;

  • Rosewater: A great toner made from organically grown roses. Helps constrict skin pores, helps regulate oil production in oily skin types, hence healing acne. A good conditioner when prayed on hair to moisturize. Helps to set make-up for longer stays.
  • Aloe Vera gel: A must-have for every mother for use on skin irritations around the house such as chicken pox, scalds and burns, insect bites, diaper rashes, heat rashes etc; Great for controlling oil production on oily skin and healing acne. Soothes sun burnt skin helping it recover faster. Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties hence used for dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Vegetable glycerine: Locks in moisture onto skinand acts as a great humectant on hair, keeping both hair and skin moisturized. Mix into your hair and skin care products. Works well when mixed with rose water as a daily spritz on hair.

Beauty Masks;

Bentonite clay: Brings life back to dull skin and hair by detoxifying it. Pulls away all harmful chemicals from skin and unblocks plugged pores. Clumps curls on hair when used regularly as a mask giving better defined curls on hair.