Sheth Naturals was founded in July 2015. The founder, a female medical doctor, was concerned about the number of harmful ingredients that go into beauty products, especially those targeting the African populace. She embarked on a plan to call back Africans to embracing clean beauty, the same one their forefathers used without encountering the many lifestyle diseases that are now characteristic of our society.

Sheth’s vision is to provide safe, high quality hair and skin care products for Africans. We believe in the royalty of every African, and therefore create our products with love for the timeless African royalty. Our model of business, objectives, strategy – as well as initiatives – are premised on primarily serving the African market, and with unique products made from local natural resources. We believe that the beauty needs and demands of the African population can be met by local innovations that have a global appeal.

Our product range is a testament of our belief in the intersectionality of beauty and health; indeed, what you can eat, is safe for your hair and skin. Our business model views development as unified both in its economic and human dimensions which is why our market operations are community-centric.

Product Lines:

Our first product line, Mizizi, which means ‘roots’ in Swahili is a clarion call for Africans to return to our roots by embracing our unique beauty and using natural products available in our continent to enhance our beauty. It also speaks to the sustainability of our business model: one that is well-anchored, just as roots anchor trees firmly to the ground. We are keen on building a business that transcends generations and influences how future businesses in Africa will be set up, while annulling the belief that African businesses are not built to last.

Mizizi has 26 different products. These are 100% pure natural plant extracts, most of which are raw and unrefined butters and oils. They are extracted using mechanical means and can be used for food and beauty purposes. This range is the backdrop against which all our other product ranges, current and future, are based on. The natural conversation is not just about seeking beauty, but also how to do this without posing a threat to the health of the seeker. This is because most beauty products that have been traditionally available in the African market contain ingredients that are very harmful to the health of the user with prolonged use. Mizizi products are therefore extracted through methods that preserve their nutritional as well as their cosmetic benefits.

Our second product line, Sheba, was born out of the trust we had gained in the Kenyan natural community. Our clients felt that it was time that we provided for them other products necessary for hair care, which was a major concern for most in terms of the right and safe products to use. We embarked on research, the first of its kind that had been carried out in the country with the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute seeking to use our Mizizi products to formulate cleansers, conditioners and styling products for the natural community with ingredients that would be safe even with prolonged use. So far this product range has had 5 products successfully launched.

Sheba derives its name from the Queen of Sheba. It is a reminder to us that we are royalty; Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens and that we deserve the best. This range is made to keep the crowns on our heads healthy! We will never wear a better crown than the hair that grows from our scalps. The Sheba line comes to nurture African hair, whether worn open and natural, tex-laxed, relaxed, dreadlocked, sisterlocked, microtwisted or in other long-term protective styles leaving it moisturized, healthy and well styled.